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5 Favorite Disneyland Foods

As you probably know, there are lots of very good Disneyland foods and deserts. So today I’m going to countdown my 5 favorite Disneyland foods (In no particular order)!



You know you can never go wrong with a fresh bucket of Disneyland popcorn(Especially if it’s in one of those awesome souvenir buckets).

Turkey Leg

I personally believe that Disneyland has the best turkey leg of all time!



Everyone knows that Disneyland churros are the best. No doubt about it.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Because everything tastes better when its mickey shaped, and when it has ice cream in it.

mickey mouse ice cream sandwichSamsung

Dole Whip

The Dole Whip is the king of all Disney foods, because its pineapple ice cream and has an umbrella in it.

I hope you guys like this post and also want to know what your favorite Disneyland foods are. Bye!





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10 Awesome Disney Facts

Hey guys it’s me, Parker and today I’m back again to tell you about 10 really awesome Disney facts.

10. During the production of The Nightmare Before Christmas, more than 400 different Jack Skellington heads were used.

9. “The Seas” aquarium in Epcot is big enough to hold the Spaceship Earth sphere.


8. Disney modeled Aladdin after famous actor Tom Cruise.

7. The “Tree of Life” in Animal Kingdom was built around an old oil rig.

6. Rapunzel has 70 feet of hair, which consists of 100,000 strands.

5. Simba means “lion” in Swahili.

4. Someone once turned in a waterbed to Disneyland’s lost and found.

3. The film 101 Dalmatians contains 6,469,952 black spots.

2. Disney World sometimes attracts alligators to Splash Mountain.

1. Lilo and Stitch uses more Elvis songs than Elvis’ own movies.

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Seen, Un-seen Disneyland: Review

Today i’m going to be doing a review about a new book I got. It’s called Seen, Un-seen Disneyland.


A while ago I read about the cats at Disneyland and was excited to actually see pictures of them in this book.  My favorite part was that it shows lots of pictures of Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland. This is a great book for people who would like to know about all about cool little known things in Disneyland. I recommend this book for big Disney fans!