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Mickey Monday

Have you heard of the Hidden Mickey Guy? Steve Barrett has lots of videos and articles about hidden Mickeys at the parks. Here is a catalog of hidden Mickeys on his site.

I like to look for Hidden Mickeys in movies like this mint Hidden Mickey in Wreck it Ralph Steve has a lot of these on his site as well!

Where is your favorite place to look for Hidden Mickeys?


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Seen, Un-seen Disneyland: Review

Today i’m going to be doing a review about a new book I got. It’s called Seen, Un-seen Disneyland.


A while ago I read about the cats at Disneyland and was excited to actually see pictures of them in this book.  My favorite part was that it shows lots of pictures of Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland. This is a great book for people who would like to know about all about cool little known things in Disneyland. I recommend this book for big Disney fans!